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Gardenia Sugar Scrub

Gardenia Sugar Scrub

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Unwind and indulge in the opulent indulgence of our Emulsified Scrubs, luxuriously softening and velvetizing your skin. Unlike many scrubs, it won't leave a heavy, greasy residue behind. Created with only the finest oils and butters, this shower treat offers pure luxury as it gently removes dead skin cells and softens your skin. To achieve optimal results, use once a week for a revitalizing exfoliation experience.

When using on your face, simply scoop a small amount and dilute with water, gently scrubbing before rinsing. Remember to exercise caution as it may cause your tub to become slippery.

Pro tip: do not allow water to enter the jar to ensure its long shelf life. Indulge in a truly lavish exfoliation experience with our Gardenia Sugar Scrub. Our formula is meticulously crafted with premium ingredients such as Pure Cane Sugar, Rice Bran Oil, Avocado Oil, Shea Butter, and Mango



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