Wholesale/Private Label FAQ

To start the process please sign up on our website and send us a message.

Due to supply delays some items are not offered at this time. (ie: Lip balms)

We are a handcrafted company so we will follow up with a estimate of when your order will ship out.

Shipping Fees: We charge a flat $50 fee to start but it is a hold & guestimate. If more you will be billed with a follow up due before we release the order. If Less we will issue a refund of the difference.

We will ship the cheapest option possible to save costs. If there is a certain carrier you would like to use  please let us know when placing the order. 

Pick Up: We do allow in store pick up for orders paid in full. As we are a small shop once we pack the orders we do ask they be picked up within 10 business days.

Soaps: Take a cure time of 6-8 weeks we may not always have what you want on hand so we always recommend ordering before you run out but we will always contact you if there is an issue. 

Testers: For our lotion products we will offer a tester bottle for a minimal cost 2x a year. If we have the packaging on hand to do so. (yay supplier issues)

Returns: Due to the nature of body care, We do not offer returns or swap outs BUT if there is an issue please contact us within 48 hours of receiving the order

Want your branding on a product? 

We do offer a limited amount of Private Label openings. 

These have different costs and requirements but feel free to contact us about making for your brand! 

By placing a Wholesale order you agree to the following:

We do not allow our products to be sold on a third party website (Amazon, Ebay, Etsy etc) by anyone other then us. Your store website is totally ok as long as it's a stand alone host.

Terms & Conditions may change at anytime. We reserve the right to deny/remove a Wholesale customer at anytime for any reason