Natural Michigan Soapers

I have been making since 2004 and am a graphic designer. With a long history of soap makers in my family . (While they were farmers and didn't do fancy). Now 4 kids later I have been making soap for over 12 years and selling for over 7. I started selling as a hobby to basically make more money to make more soap. I kept growing and learning and now are on year 2 of my own storefront and offer Private label as well as wholesale. I feel very blessed to have the customers we do and the ability to make high quality products for people to use. I love be able to get the kids off to school and go to the shop and develop and create more and more products. I source local when we can and only use suppliers that pass our high standards. I also work hard in our community to revitalize our Downtown Port Huron. I am a member of Flint Handmade (A non profit Flint craft group) as well as our local Earth Fair and Downtown Event committee. I love working hard to make the world a better place with handcrafted goodness.

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